Pappzd spotted sexy CBBC star Dominque Moore at last week’s Spirit of London Awards with urban comedian Kevin J.

After snapping the pair looking extremely comfortable with one another on the red carpet, the Pappzd team also noticed the two young rising stars chatting incessantly together throughout the event.

Seated in the VIP box next to ours, we noticed Dominique giggling and throwing her head back in laughter as Kevin J whispered into her ears all night.

From the looks of it, he was whispering sweet nothings rather than his stand up routine. Mind you, ‘stand up’ might have been appropriate from the embarrased look on Kevin’s face when he caught Pappzd attempting to get sneak pics.

Dominique, who may be most recognisable for her role in children’s CBBC series The Queen’s Nose, has also starred in Footballers Wives: Extra Time and Little Miss Jocelyn. She is currently starring in Hotel Trubble on CBBC.

The young actress has been nominated in the Best Comedy Performer category at Sunday’s Screen Nation Awards and will also be presenting the award for Best Urban Film.

What do you think? Dating or just good friends?