Hertfordshire drug dealer, Keno Forbes has been banned from a London borough for 10 years after being jailed for selling drugs around his area.

The 33-year-old, who is known by his street name Blood, pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs. The ban means that he will not be able to enter the north London borough of Islington while he serves his 10-year antisocial behaviour order (ASBO).

Forbes, who is from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, was known for selling Cocaine and Heroin around the Islington area. A tip off  prompted police to raid his house where they found drug related equipment including scales, a chopping board with white powder, a razor blade and cling film.

Police constable Claire Millward, from the Islington Crime Squad, said

Forbes came into Islington solely to sell drugs. His sentence and subsequent ASBO means that he will no longer be able to saturate the streets with his illegal drugs or indeed make a profit from his criminal activities.”

Wow! We’re all for tough punishment and protecting the public but is this really the answer? What happens if he get’s banned from other boroughs? How will he be able to get from one place to another? Can you imagine if he gets sentenced to prison in a borough he’s banned from? What then?

What do you think?