Gary Ellis, a known drug dealer, has been exposed as a liar after the 23-year-old twice avoided deportation to Jamaica by pleading the Human Rights Act.

Ellis from Tottenham, fed judges a sob story in 2008 and 2009 claiming that deporting him back to Jamaica would disrupt his ‘family life’ in England, where he has a daughter. But in a shocking twist the mother of his child, Selese Whiley, told the Sunday Telegraph that the feckless father has had almost no contact with his 5-year-old daughter since 2007 and since splitting from Ellis four years ago, he has been in and out of prison. She said

He called me to ask me to go to court and say that he was a good father and we were still together. But I told him I wasn’t willing to lie for him. He’s always been in and out of jail. I don’t understand how the government have let him stay… He’s got a new girlfriend now who is pregnant so that makes it even more unlikely that he’ll be deported

Ellis has also claimed that his family have received death threats, making it impossible for him to return to Jamaica. He also said he owed a drug dealer £2,000 and had been intimidated into committing another crime because of the debt.

Well if that’s not an X Factor worthy sob story then I don’t know what is!

Do you think Gary Ellis should be deported?