It had only just begun, but Rihanna’s latest boyfriend, British boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy has ended their whirlwind romance.

The 21-year-old champion fighter is apparently ‘too busy’ to see Ri-ri, as he told The Mirror

My career is my biggest priority right now. We had fun together, but I don’t know whether I will see her again to be honest. I’d like to go to America… but for work.

It was only last week that the Bajan superstar spoiled Dudley with a shopping spree at Topman and the pair were spotted all over each at Mahiki night club on Thursday night after Rihanna’s show at the O2 Arena.

The singer had even expressed a desire for her new toyboy to accompany her on the rest of her UK tour, but that doesn’t look likely now.

We can’t help but wonder if the boxer has had too many blows to the head in the ring. Does he realise he just let go of one of the sexiest women on the planet?

Well, we don’t doubt that Rihanna will move on quickly. There’s plenty more Chris Brown look-a-likes in the sea.