A former IT specialist was jailed on Tuesday after a kamikaze suicide attempt which saw him drinking anti-freeze and crashing his car at 80 mph into his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Edmund Bruton, of Wembley, justified his actions by saying he wanted to ‘go out causing as much damage as he could’.

Despite being told the relationship was over, Bruton couldn’t let go of his ex girlfriend, Tara Lavery and decided to get back at her by driving his Peugeot into her Berkshire home, causing £62,000 worth of damage. The car destroyed the garden brick wall and the front bay window before stopping in Mrs Lavery’s front room.

Inner London Crown Court also heard that Bruton had wedged a garden fork into the steering wheel in an attempt to kill himself during the impact, and just in case that failed he had lodged a screwdriver into the sun visor. Burton texted his former partner minutes before the crash, saying

I will be waiting for you in hell… you could have avoided this if you answered me.

The spurned lover was jailed for a minimum term of seven and a half years and disqualified from driving for life, which is probably a good idea.

Well that’s one way to get over your ex, let’s hope Ashley Cole doesn’t come across this story and use it as inspiration!