27-year-old Tottenham star Emmanuel Adebayor has spoken out on the abuse he faced at White Hart Lane from Sunday’s fixture’s with former team Arsenal.

The Togo country man had to face chants from fans of his former team Arsenal singing lines such as “It should have been you — shot dead in Angola — it should have been you.”

The chants were spurred by an incident close to Adebayor’s heart. The African Nations Cup 2010 held in Angola became the scene of a machine gun attack which left three Togo team members dead including Adebayor’s good friend Stanislas Ocloo who was the team’s media officer.

Adebayor spoke on the issue revealing his true thoughts

The songs that they sung about me were very bad, but was I surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes. Obviously it was all meant to hurt me, to upset me, to anger me.I just blocked it all out and concentrated on playing my best.

I represented Arsenal for three years and scored 46 goals in 105 games. I am proud of that and will never regret my time at the club. Yes, I made a mistake at Manchester City when I celebrated my goal in front of the Arsenal fans…Ok, I understand that the Arsenal fans are frustrated at the moment and that losing to Spurs cannot be easy.

But those chants won’t ever have an effect on me. I’ve been through too many difficult times to let a minority of people singing silly songs affect my performance….But if I can survive the bullets in Angola then a few mindless insults will have little impact.

It’s not unusual for football players to be bombarded with verbal abuse, but these chants were totally inappropriate. We salute Adebayor for handling the situation maturely.

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