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News of Ghetts featuring on a tune with Cher Lloyd left more than a few of us bewildered. MC Jammer still hasn’t come to terms with the news and recently attacked Ghetts on Twitter, labelling him a sell out.

At first nobody was absolutely sure if it was just a big rumour or horrible, vacuous publicity stunt but now I’m sorry to say it’s true. But the surprise is that in addition to Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Mic Righteous  also appear on the song.

Cher Lloyd, herself, seems to think collaborating with popular urban stars will get her more fans, Well I’m sure these three MC’s will outshine her on her own track.

The Grime Daily video features Ghetts preparing and making his way to the video shoot before losing his iPhone down a drain. But notice how Cher Lloyd looks like an uncomfortable deer in headlights among Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Mic Righteous.

Where’s your Swagger Jagger now then, huh? Huh?