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MC Ghetts has become the first artist to speak out about a video spoof featuring himself, Giggs, Johnny Gunz, English Frank, Sneakbo, JME, Scorcher, Cashtastic, Krept and Konan and last and definitely least important OG Niki.

After the success of Krept and Konan’s take of the popular Jay-Z and Kanye Otis tune, some YouTube jokers decided to have a little fun and take a dig at some of the most relevant MC’s in the urban scene. Ghetts who thought it was a ‘sick’ idea said

When I saw it I realised it was a spoof… when I watched it I was in stitches… it was proper funny. That’s what happens when you’re relevant… I just think these things make the industry stronger.

Without a doubt the group called Motive, who dubbed their version Ultimate Otis, picked out the MC’s weaker characteristic’s but we’re glad, like us, Ghetts could see the funny side.

Click here to check out Motive’s Otis spoof