Another day, another rumour about Cheryl Cole, but we were a little bit alarmed when we heard this one. Apparently the Geordie lass may be working with Nicki Minaj and Eminem on her upcoming album. She is said to be in talks with both rappers about a collaboration.

A source informed the Daily Star:

Cheryl’s album is finally coming together now and is sounding incredible. It’s completely different to anything she’s brought out before and has much more of an urban vibe than her previous pop-based stuff. There’s a lot of heavy beats and it has a real old-school flavour to it.

The Girls Aloud singer may have already been on a track with Nicki Minaj and but that was by sheer default. And we all saw her trying to mimic Nicki’s dance moves in the ‘Check it out’ video.

Also, Eminem? Really? Does he even know who she is?

Quite frankly we think Cheryl should focus on getting her girlband back together before X Factor’s Rhythmix take their place!

What do you guys think of the potential collaborations? Would you want to hear Cheryl and Slim Shady on a track?