When it was announced Ghetts was collaborating with Cher Lloyd we could hear the groans from the grime scene. But on Thursday evening, Boy Better Know’s Jammer tweeted the real reason for the career move: Ghetts thinks grime is dead.

Jammer went on a Twitter rampage explaining how Ghetts didn’t get as much money as he had hoped from working with Cher and that the Sing For Me MC is in fact broke.

He also said that Ghetts thought grime was dead and that he could make more money by transitioning to the pop music scene.

Despite the fact that Ghetts was not directly responding to the surge of tweets at this point, Jammer continued to say that Ghetts had initially come to him for help and he had given him shows and studio time, yet he has shown no appreciation.

There was also talk of why Ghetts is not included in this year’s Lord Of The Mic’s 3, to which Jammer has responded by saying it is because the MC is fake.

However, Ghetts could only ignore his mentions for so long and when he finally did respond, he stated that he would not be getting in to beef over twitter.

Reading between the few lines he put out, Ghetts even quietly made what appeared to be a hidden threat.

Wow. Something has definitely rubbed Jammer up the wrong way. And there’s about a dozen more tweets on his twitter profile. But why has this come out now all of a sudden? We have a feeling this isn’t the last we have heard on the subject either.

What do you guys make of this? Is Jammer right? Is Ghetts a fake MC?