British glamour model, Jemma Henley, has claimed that she had a three month affair with Ashley Cole and also a brief fling with American rapper Kanye West!

Henley who is a contestant on Jordan’s Signed by Katie Price show, bragged during her audition that she had had a romance with a Chelsea football star. She later revealed to the producers that the footballer was actually Ashley Cole. Surprise Surprise.

In a recent interview she said the best sex she’d ever had was with a top footballer (sorry Kanye), but did not name him and last month the 23-year-old took to Twitter to criticise newspapers that kept calling her regarding her affair with Ashley.

Henley’s goals in life are to be rich and famous and sleeping with Kanye and Ashley are certainly good ways to get yourself noticed.

And congrats for joining the ‘I’ve Slept With Ashley Cole’ list Jemma, that’s something to put on your CV.

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