Despite scooping up four awards at this years MOBO Awards including Best UK Act, we still can’t seem to get our heads around Jessie’s very erm “individual” style. Let’s take a look at Jessie J’s red carpet outfits.

Arggh! Ooops sorry we got a bit of a fright looking at Jessie’s picture and thought we had stumbled into Halloween.

The red lipstick which is supposed to add glamour and sophistication just accentuates Jessie’s pale skin and those black claw-like nails don’t help one bit. We are not fans of this outfit but in true celebrity style, Jessie had another outfit hidden away to change into, and we had high hopes for this one…

Well, erm this one is slightly better I guess. What we love about Jessie J is her individual and unique style, but she sometimes takes it a step too far. We feel a Michael Jackson vibe coming through in this outfit  but we still can’t help thinking that she looks like she has rolled up in the Queen’s sitting room rug.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang the Stylist. Twice!