Jessie J revealed that she has been left with arthritis in her ankle as a result of the foot injury she has been coping with for the past few months.

The pain the arthritis is causing her now means that high heels are a definite fashion DON’T for the singer.

I will always suffer from arthritis in my ankle. It really hurts. It will be something I have to live with forever. I won’t be able to wear heels again. But I’ll have some bad-boy Sketchers blinged up for me.

Badboy sketchers? We weren’t even aware they existed.

Despite the devastating news that she’ll have to chuck away her heels, Jessie has been in a reflective mood lately and it seems that her choice of footwear is not something she is willing to get upset over.

At least I’m alive, and I can sing. I can’t wait to get back on stage. My foot was seriously hairy. It had thick black hairs on it. It was gross. So I’ve sorted myself out and got a pedicure.

The 23-year-old star was also quoted earlier this week saying that she has a new found respect for people who don’t have legs.

Someone please get this girl some Sketchers and tell her to ease off the foot preaching.

On another note, we are glad to hear the cast is off and she’s had a pedicure. Let’s just hope she pays more attention to her outfits now that she doesn’t have to worry about heels.