After their performance with Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson on Saturday at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert, JLS have expressed hopes of a collaboration with the pop legends in the future.

Despite critics slating the concert by calling the performances ‘X Factor karaoke’ and even saying JLS’s rendition of The Way You Make Me Feel was ‘leaden’, the foursome still seem to have impressed the Jacksons.

Ladies man Oritse Williams said

We discussed some things backstage about the future and they want to take us out for dinner to talk further. Who knows? It would be amazing. The Jacksons are all about perfection. That’s why they’re the biggest and best band of music history.

The boys have certainly had some great moments since they’ve hit the big time and performing Blame it on the Boogie with the Jackson brothers in Cardiff is no doubt another one. We’re not surprised that they would want to make the most of their new mates.

However,we can’t say that we will be awaiting this cheesy collaboration with much anticipation. What about you guys?