Kelly Rowland has found herself a new enemy in Louis Walsh after a comment on last Saturday’s X Factor show.

The former Destiny’s Child star shot down Louis’ comments about a contestant after he used the word “swagger.” Kelly implied that Louis did not know what the word meant because of his age, and banned him from using it. Louis then spat back that he was entitled to say whatever he wants. According to the Mirror, Louis said

Kelly has just waltzed in here from America and thinks she knows everything about the show

And there we were thinking that it would be Tulisa who became Kelly’s first enemy! A source close to Louis said

The way Kelly talked down to him was unacceptable as far as he’s concerned. There is no love lost behind the scenes and Louis and Kelly are not speaking off screen and haven’t since Saturday night.

We’re secretly hoping they’re forced to sit next to each other on next week’s show. We love a bit of awkwardness.

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