It is being reported that Kelly Rowland has allegedly left the X Factor following her bust up with Tulisa. The American star fled the country at the beginning of this week, which led many to believe that things were really bad between the two judges. But not this bad!

X Factor bosses have been left panicking after Kelly claimed she had a throat infection and would not be able fly back to the UK for the ITV show this weekend, and the show’s producers fear that due to the tension backstage, she may never return. A source told the Daily Mail

Quite honestly, it’s expected that the judges would have to be on their death bed to miss a show. The fact that Kelly has a throat infection hardly seems that desperate.The producers are less than impressed and we’ve have had less than 24 hours to pick someone to stand in for her.

Kelly and Tulisa are still not speaking and the Motivation singer has apparently been complaining to the shows producers all morning about Tulisa’s behaviour on last week’s show. A spokesman for Kelly said tonight

She’s really sick. She won’t be here for tonight’s show. She has a viral throat infection. She is really, really sick. She has not gone AWOL. She will be back. She’s been in contact with the girls. She’s been on intravenous drips. Her doctor will not permit her to fly. She tried to get on a flight today but her doctor wasn’t letting  her.

All sounds like a bit fat lie to me. Louis Walsh only missed a show when Boyzone member Stephen Gately died, is Kelly just being a diva?

And more importantly who will replace her? If this is a way for Cheryl to come back we’re all doomed.