X Factor judges Tulisa and Kelly are no longer the bff’s they appeared to be at the start of the series.

Last weekend’s X Factor saw Tulisa criticise not one, but two of Kelly’s acts and it seems the American superstar didn’t appreciate Tulisa’s comments one bit. The former N-Dubz star claimed that Misha had been making ‘mean comments’ backstage towards some of her fellow contestants and called the Manchester singer a bully on live TV, which Kelly, and pretty much the rest of the UK, thought was unnecessary. A source told the Daily Mail

Kelly came off the set with steam pouring out of her ears… She demanded to speak to producers and screamed “How did you let her get away with something like that!” She said she felt like she had been stitched up as they could have tackled any issues with Misha off air and not air their dirty laundry in front of millions of viewers.

Tensions first appeared when the former Destiny’s Child singer allegedly gave Tulisa a handwritten note on how to mentor her acts last week. Tulisa refused her help and said that Kelly had ‘no idea’ about the UK music industry.

Kelly has apparently told friends that she refuses to speak to Tulisa, and even told them: ”It’s war. Who the hell does she think she is?’

Well we’re glad everyone is finally revealing their true colours, but only time will tell who the real female boss is. Kelly Rowland or Tulisa?