It seems Kelly and Tulisa’s row on Saturday night’s X Factor, and the supposed backstage beef is more serious than we thought, as Kelly has flown back to America this week, leaving her acts without their mentor.

The dispute between the two judges resulted in Kelly saying that “It’s war” as she was publicly humiliated by Tulisa.

A source has told The Sun that they do not know where Kelly has gone but it is claimed that the Destiny’s Child singer has fled to the States to escape the tension. An insider said:

If I was one of them I’d be thinking, ‘Great … thanks’. As the contest heats up, she’s left them in the lurch all week. It’s very arrogant

Apparently Tulisa was willing to make up with her fellow judge but Kelly wasn’t interested. A friend of the N-Dubz star said:

She had a major sense of humour failure — and was trying to suggest Tulisa was deliberately trying to destabilise her. She’s not going to go crawling to Kelly. Tulisa is too stubborn for that — and who could blame her?

This isn’t the mature behaviour we would expect from a former member of one of  the world’s most successful girl bands. After years of singing songs about strong, independent women, Kelly can’t even face a little argument and some competition with another judge. We hope her acts don’t suffer because of this.

What do you guys think of Kelly’s strop?