Kevin J with Jay Jeezy after his routine

Being a comedian is no joke as Kevin J found out at Sunday night’s Screen Nation Awards at London’s IndigO2.

The urban stand-up comedian met his match as he opened up for the awards and probably wished he had stayed at home. His schoolboy error was to not adjust his routine to his crowd.

Less than 5 minutes into his act the older, more sophisticated, crowd who wouldn’t usually fall into Kevin’s demographic quickly became upset with Kevin’s jokes about the England riots and took displeasure to his Jamaican impersonations. One woman in the audience stood up and shouted at him to leave the stage before Kevin replied

I got paid to be here, can you even afford a ticket, look at your weave

For the rest of the night the jokes were on poor Kevin. You would think at least a fellow comedian would have some compassion but even superstar Gina Yashere took a dig at him.

Just as we thought Kevin would call it a night and save what little pride he had left, the comedian returned to the stage to announce an award. Putting on a brave face he apologised to the crowd who had heckled him earlier and explained that comedy isn’t easy, you either love it or hate it – before announcing the winner to big cheers from the audience.

We reported last week that Kevin J is dating CBBC actress Dominique Moore.