MC duo Krept & Konan took over Skepta’s Twitter account while he was on stage performing in Newcastle on Saturday night. The pair used the opportunity to do what any red blooded males would do; flirt with some ladies.

But, they weren’t tweeting just any girls. The boys had their sights set on two of the UK’s hottest artists; Jessie J and Katy B. It seems they may have a bit of a case of punching above their weight.

While Konan opted for Jessie J (and got no response), Krept tweeted Katy B. And although the 22-year-old singer replied, she didn’t seem too flattered.

However, Krept didn’t give up  and even went on to mention his hopes for marriage

It looks as though the ‘Otis’ rappers aren’t only fixing YouTube views, as they were rumoured to be last month, but they’re also trying to fix a future with some super talented urban music divas.