A clinically obese woman who has been cheating the benefit system for five years has been excused from wearing an electronic tag because it won’t fit around her ankle.

Beverly Douglas, who was too fat to even fit in the court room dock, has two jobs as a bus driver and a CCTV operator but still managed to collect £34,000 in benefits. She even had the bare faced cheek to roll up to the court in a shiny red Dodge Avenger worth £18,000.

The 44-year-old mother of four, from Thornton Heath in South London, also faked tenancy agreements in order to make money off the rent on two properties she had never lived in. Beverly claims that her actions were caused by desperation and the need to provide for her children, after suffering years of abuse from her estranged husband.

Judge Malins at Inner London Crown Court decided to suspend her custodial sentence based on the fact that Beverly was clearly experiencing health problems. He said

I see the struggles you have with regard to mobility. There is constant reference to continuing and serious heart and chest problems.

Her orange rimmed shades were apparently not a fashion choice, but also due to health problems as Beverly said she needed to wear them because of her diabetes.  However we can’t help thinking she looks like some sort of pimp hustler in this picture.

Maybe Beverly should have spent more time counting calories than benefit cheques.