This year’s Notting Hill Carnival may be the last one ever as organisers of the event have resigned due to underfunding, leaving the future of the annual celebration in doubt.

Ancil Barclay and Chris Boothman gave up their roles as co-directors of the carnival this week. They believe Notting Hill Carnival is not taken seriously as there is no primary sponsor for the carnival and it relies on donations and volunteer workers to function.

Barclay told the Guardian

It is still seen as just a Caribbean event and just not taken seriously.  Carnival has to grow up. Everyone loves Carnival, but when it comes to putting the right structures in place there is a total lack of investment.

News of the organisers’ resignation is likely to throw plans for the 2012 carnival into turmoil. This year’s carnival was almost cancelled due to the London riots. And the reputation Notting Hill Carnival has is probably one of the reasons for its lack of investors.

Since its start in 1976 there have been over 400 injuries to civilians and police officers and five murders.

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