It may be the end of the road for Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton and his popstar girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger after it was reported that hectic work schedules were beginning to have an impact on their relationship.

Nicole has been present at pretty much all Hamilton’s races in the past, but her new job as X Factor judge meant she wasn’t by his side at the Korean and Japanese events in recent weeks.

Rumours of a marriage proposal surfaced in May, but that doesn’t seem very likely anymore. And despite the fact that the 26-year-old previously denied that dating Nicole and the celebrity lifestyle that comes with it was a reason for his ‘roller coaster’ season, we think that’s a big fat lie.

To be honest they’re not the most exciting of celebrity couples and if a break-up is going to make him perform better, we say he gets rid of her!

Do you think Lewis and Nicole should call it a day?