Manchester City striker and part time bad boy Mario Balotelli fled his Cheshire mansion on Saturday morning after it caught on fire, due to him and four friends setting off fireworks through an open window.

The bathroom and a room directly below it were completely damaged and two fire crews rushed to the scene to put out the flames. Police were also called to the scene with a police spokesperson saying

At just before 1am on Saturday, we were called to a report of a house fire at a residential home in Mottram St Andrew. Police provided assistance to Cheshire fire and rescue service, as well as ensuring residents were accounted for and there was no danger to surrounding properties. At this time, the cause of the fire is being examined by fire investigators and the police. However, it is not thought to be suspicious.

Before running out of his house and saving his own life, the 21-year-old was said to be reluctant to leave his belongings and ran back to recover cash and a suitcase before heading to a Manchester hotel.

Balotelli has actually managed to outdo himself on his list of tomfoolery’s which include mingling with the Mafia, throwing darts at youth-team players, and sneaking into a women’s prison. Perhaps they should start offering holy water during half time at matches because clearly Jesus needs to intervene with this one. SMH.