With his name all over the headlines at the moment for his antics on and off the football pitch, Pappzd decided to take a look at the history of women that 21-year-old Manchester City player Mario Balotelli has been involved with.

Keyla Espinoza

Back in 2008, when he was still with Inter Milan and not quite the celebrity yet, Balotelli dated Venezuelan model Keyla Espinoza. Keyla is 10 years older than Mario, but clearly age ain’t nothing but a number for the both of them.

Betty Kourakou

Mario Balottelli was also involved with Greek beauty Betty Kourakou before becoming famous. Betty suffered insults from racist Italian football fans who didn’t like the fact that Mario dated white women, and called for her to suffer “Spartan law” and to be tossed off a cliff for dating him.

Melissa Castagnoli


Upon moving to the UK, one of the first women Balotelli was spotted with in tabloids was Melissa Castagnoli. She is a former Miss Italy finalist (2009) and moved from Italy with Mario. The two met on Facebook, but their love was short lived. The couple split in November 2010 after he dumped her via text before she appeared on television in Italy. Classy. In a spiteful manner Melissa read out the texts on the show.

Sophie Reade

It’s not quite clear when 2009 Big Brother winner  Sophie Reade and Mario Balotelli began dating, but it is quite clear as to when they broke up. What has got to be labelled as one of the worst attempts at cheating and not getting caught, Mario slept with Sophie’s best friend on New Years Eve 2010 whilst she was waiting in the bedroom downstairs. After getting caught, the footballer then kicked Sophie out of his flat barefoot.

Raffaella Fico

Balotelli’s latest victim current girlfriend is 23-year-old Italian actress/model Raffaella Fico. This isn’t the first footballer that Rafaella’s been involved with, as back in 2009 she dated Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo. Hopefully Mario won’t be cheating on her or getting it on with her best friend, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Who do you think is the hottest out of Balotelli’s harem of women?