The ever so comedic football star Mario Balotelli just can’t stop with his crazy antics as after reportedly setting fireworks off in his mansion last week, he’s out done himself again. This time round he was sent out by his mother to buy an iron but instead returned with a van full of boys toys.

The Manchester City player was given the simple task of buying an iron, an ironing board and a few other cleaning essentials by his mum Silvio Balotelli.

But true to his bad boy style five hours later he returned with nothing, only for a John Lewis van to arrive at his home a few minutes after him with a giant trampoline, a table tennis set, two Vespa scooters and a Scalextric set -but no iron.

The incident was revealed on Twitter by Umbro PR worker Chris Dolan.

Balotelli’s mother clearly wasn’t amused after only being in the UK to help direct her already wayward son in the right path.