As the ‘stylish’ one of the JLS clan we’re used to seeing Oritsé Williams looking pretty dapper. But last night, at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert in Cardiff, Oritsé let us down. 

At a tribute to one of the most fashion forward men of our time you would think Oritsé would have made more of an effort. These trousers look like they belong on a building site and the leather jacket is way too tight. I guess the boys lied to us when they said they would start dressing like real men!

And the cheesy T-shirt! Don’t get us wrong, we love a guy who loves his mum but there’s a place and a time, and we don’t even want to mention the white studded cuff. Let’s hope Oritsé is back to his usual stylish self soon!

What do you think of his outfit? Do you like his retro look?