X Factor hopeful Misha B has opened up to the Daily Mirror about how hard it was growing up without her real Mum. She told the Daily Mirror:

“As a child you ­always want your real mum and, although I had my ­auntie who was as good as any mother, I still wanted to ask my real mum, ‘Why weren’t you there when I was growing up?’”

The singer’s Auntie, Lily Johnson, raised her from 3 months old when Misha’s former drug user mother gave her up. Until the age of 10, Misha believed her Auntie was her real Mum.

“She only told me she wasn’t my real mum when I was aged 10, which was pretty hard to get my head round… I still don’t really know what was wrong with my mother and why she couldn’t look after me. All I’ve been told is that she was ill”

Misha says although her Mum lives just 2 miles away from her in Manchester, they have only ever met a few times and she has no big plans for a reconciliation anytime soon.

“I’ve not seen her this year and and I don’t have any plans to invite her down to the show. We don’t have that kind of relationship. She hasn’t tried to contact me since I’ve been on. Maybe I will get in touch one day, but only when I’m ready.”

In the meantime Misha is focused on X Factor and we are glad to hear it. We don’t need another Alexandra Burke family drama on our TVs. But then again, what would X Factor be without these ridiculous back stories?

What do you think? Do you care about X Factor sob stories?