Just when we thought that X Factor contestant Misha B couldn’t do anything more to piss off the show’s judge Tulisa, its come out that the 19-year-old constant has allegedly been texting the X Factor judges’s boyfriend Fazer behind her back.

Apparently the two swapped numbers backstage at the live shows but Misha couldn’t wait to tell the whole world and brag about it. A source told The Mirror,

Fazer was impressed with a couple of the contestants and said he’d be happy to produce with them once the show is over. He thinks Misha has incredible raw talent – and if his girlfriend wasn’t mentoring the groups, he would definitely be backing her to win the series…. She was boasting about it backstage, in a not very nice way, and word quickly got back to Tuilsa who was not amused. In fact she was livid.

We’re thinking that this may have triggered Tulisa’s Saturday night rant about Misha being a backstage bully. Tulisa did warn everyone not to mess with her man a few weeks back, obviously Misha doesn’t think this applies to her.

Should Tulisa see Misha as a threat? Share your thoughts.