Lord Sugar is on the hunt for a new Young Apprentice and has 12 candidates vying for his attention and a £25,000 prize.

This year’s young hopefuls include a fashion designer, a published author, a scuba-diving fanatic and a footballer. Which one will become Lord Alan’s next Apprentice?

One of the hopefuls competing for her chance to become the next business mogul is 16-year-old Gbemi Okunola. The young Nigerian is already an award winning fashion designer with her own clothing line and is involved in both designing and making the clothes.

Gbemi is definitely one to watch and unlike Edna she actually made sure her hair and make-up weren’t a mess before she took her official Apprentice picture.

Gbemi and the other young hopeful’s will be competing in tasks such as creating their own ice cream, making a video game and developing their own deodorant brand.

Young Apprentice launches on Monday 24 October at 9pm on BBC One.