Two of music’s most dapper men completely lost their minds, and sense of style at the Q Awards on Monday night. Clearly all the stylists were out of town for the day and Tinie Tempah and Wretch 32 had to fend for themselves. That’s the only explanation I can think of for these enormous fashion faux pas.

We are not quite sure why Wretch 32’s stylist left him in the lurch, but we are sorry they did. The lace up printed top, the matted chest hair, the shiny grey trousers. We have to say we aren’t sure quite why Wretch 32 dressed up as a broke pimp, but we hope he comes as his usual suave self next time.

Now, we know Tinie has a lot of award ceremonies to attend at the moment and this outfit is very characteristic of Tinie’s style.It’s generally quite smart. Until the ankles. He really did disappoint us with this one.

Please, if you know, tell us why Tinie thought it would be appropriate to wear leopard print slippers on the red carpet. The only viable excuse we can think of is that he forgot his shoes as he left the house and borrowed these leopard print clarks from the nearest yardie.

Our fingers are crossed in hope that next time we see these two, they will have learned from the errors of their ways.

What do you think of these two outfits?