October 10 2011 saw the premiere of Demons Never Die, a chilling new film with a superstar urban cast including Misfits star Robert Sheehan, rapper turned actor Ashley Walters and our favourite X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos.

With the film full of urban stars, it’s no surprise that the premiere was too, but there were two breeds of man at the premiere- super coiffed and scruffy chic. Which do you ladies prefer?

Super Coiffed:

We had to do a double take when we first saw this picture. Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Is it a new JLS band member? No, no it’s radio DJ and TV presenter Reggie Yates! Looking coiffed from head to toe with a deep V-neck fur coat, man bracelets, a fresh shape up and a man earring. We can almost see the cocoa butter still shining on his skin!

And if I were his girlfriend, that coat would end up straight in my cupboard!

Scruffy Chic:

Rizzle Kicks are becoming kings of the scruffy chic look: unbrushed hair, washed out jeans, and that look that says ‘I’m Hungover In My Lecture’.

But I’m sorry to say we’re getting a little bit worried about the Rizzle Kicks lads, every picture we see of them is déjà vu, we’re also staring to think someone has glued their trainers together, what a mean prank.

So what do you think ladies, do you prefer clean and pristine like Reggie or a bit of rough and tumble with Rizzle Kicks?