The bubbly X Factor girl group Rhythmix have been told they must change their name as it is already trademarked by a children’s music charity.

A Facebook campaign supporting the Rhythmix charity gained over 65,000 followers and an open letter from the chief executive, Mark Davyd was posted on Wednesday. The letter stated that Simon Cowell’s company Simco were already aware the name was being used and had in fact tried to trademark it themselves for the show.

Davyd wrote:

Rather than seeking any discussion with the Charity, considering any of the moral implications of their actions, or checking with the Charity whether the pursuit of an exclusive trademark might have a negative impact on the activities of the Charity, Simco and their legal representatives apparently sought a way to use the law to circumvent the trademark of the Charity.

The letter ended with a direct request to Simon Cowell:

Just change the name.

It was decided later on Wednesday evening by X Factor producers that they would change the group’s name. We can only imagine what kind of interesting and original (eye roll) name they will come up with now.