It seems Rihanna has found some new enemies as the 23-year-old star was booed at her Belfast performance for being late. Rihanna has not been very popular in Northen Ireland lately.

The What’s My Name singer decided to flash her tits in a field whilst children were watching, angering the owner who chucked her off his land. She also made 2am calls to beauticians in the area which we’re sure peeved them off. And in her latest stunt Rihanna was 90 minuutes late for her performance at Belfast’s Odyssey arena. She was also allegedly drunk. Tut tut

Not to mention the £700 she spent on a Nando’s order which probably meant the restaurant was out of chicken for days.

We think it’s about time Rihanna took her breasts and unshaven private area back home. Who knows what crazy antics she’ll get up to next!