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In a recently released interview with Amaru Don TV, controversial rapper Skepta spoke of the pressure for grime artists to make mainstream music and give in to their record labels.

The London rap star, who courted notoriety earlier this year by releasing a hardcore pornographic music video for his song All Over The House, was asked whether artists were making the music they wanted to make or doing what they were told in order to shift more units.

I don’t want my fans to be ashamed to say they like me… If I feel like I’m not happy with my music, there’s no point me doing it… I listen to all my tunes and it might sound mad but I always listen to my tunes, ’cause I love my music

However, Skepta went on to say that doing grime music in the UK is a ‘fight’ and the country is not designed for the success of the type of music these artists really want to put out.

It’s a fight man, this UK game is not cut out for what we wanna do, ’cause it’s not big enough… and it’s new music

The MC compared the scene here to America where he claims the music has progressed much further.

I just come back from New York and I was in Bloomingdales and Macys and they was playing Rick Ross… like hard Rick Ross tunes in Bloomingdales. But you gotta understand that their generation of music has gone far now… we’re still new with it

ADTV also interviewed Devlin, Chipmunk, Wretch 32 and Giggs on the subject.