Rumour has it that 18-year-old rapper Sneakbo is in prison. The south London star has been low-key for a while, and we assumed he may have taken a holiday after he tweeted in August that he needed a long break.

Well if the rumours are true, this ‘holiday’ he is talking about may not be the sun, sea and sex kind, but rather the ‘don’t drop the soap’ kind.

A few days ago some tweets suggested that the Jetski Wave rapper had been locked up. And an inside source revealed to us that Sneakbo has indeed been incarcerated and is sitting in Feltham prison as you read this. Our source said

Some promoters tried to book him and they were told by Sneakbo’s management that he was in America. But everyone knew they were lying. Too many people have been saying he’s in prison. We all know he’s not in America, what would he be doing there?

Sneakbo is in fact due to perform in Brighton this month, but it was revealed to Pappzd today that the teenage rapper is only being released on bail to perform at the university event.

The reasons for Sneakbo’s prison time is so far unconfirmed but many are suggesting he was looting during the London riots and received a sentence for the crime.

His family are denying the rumour and Sneakbo’s release date is said to be around November time.

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