Snoop Dogg is in the UK on tour at the moment and with his 40th birthday coming up, he took some time out for a pre-birthday celebration at the London Playboy Club this week. That is, until his wife showed up and spoiled the fun.

Snoop was out celebrating with Ashley Cole (shock), David Haye and Damon Albarn. The unlikely foursome were being entertained by over 20 playboy bunnies in the VIP area of the club when Shante, Snoop’s wife, arrived and told the girls to hop off.

An onlooker said:

It was hilarious. There were 20 women in pink bunny outfits whooping, cheering and gyrating as he got up, but by the time he sat back down they’d all been cleared out – and there was a much sterner looking woman sat there instead.

Snoop’s wife sat on his table and did not move all night. The boys were gutted as the bunnies had been instructed to treat them as VIP guests – but were suddenly all told to leave his table immediately.

We can see why Shante would want to keep her man in check, he was out with Ashley Cole after all. One things for certain, Shante definitely lives up to her nickname Boss Lady!