Former Big Brother contestant Tashie Jackson has split up with her long term boyfriend Romane Hole after he broke her heart.

Tashie refused to comment on the exact reason for the split and clearly found it hard to discuss Romane who starred in Channel 4 reality show Coach Trip. The 21-year-old beauty said he was ‘the past’ and explained that she didn’t really want to talk about him.

The belly dancing star is now looking for love again, but this time with somebody who’s a bit higher up the fame list. Speaking about her new single life Tashie told Pappzd

I have much bigger things coming my way. But yep looking for love again but focusing on my career and me! I have a couple of love interests and even thinking maybe I do need somone in the limelight as then they would appreciate how hard it is for me too but I would just love a normal guy who will love me too. I’m tired of being hurt

We feel your pain. And shame on you Romane for breaking Tashie’s heart. We wonder who we’ll see Tashie with next. She revealed in a recent interview that she has recieved some calls from Premier League footballers. Maybe she’ll be the one to make a decent man out of Ashley Cole!