Being one of the UK’s hottest men of the year, you would have thought Tinie Tempah would have his sights set high when it comes to crushes, but apparently any girl from Essex will do. On Sunday, the Pass Out rapper tweeted

Now, we know this doesn’t exactly confirm that Billie Faiers from The Only Way Is Essex would be Tinie’s ideal girl, but it definitely implies the reality TV star has caught his eye.

Since Tinie only measures in at 5’8” perhaps he is looking for a girl that suits his height and being 5’4”, Billie could be a good choice. Plus, he seems to have a thing for blonde girls.

However, we honestly can’t see this match becoming anything serious. Could you imagine Tinie making a cameo on The Only Way is Essex? Though, stranger things have happened.

What do you guys think of Tinie and Billie? Could he be the one to protect her from club fights in the future?