Tulisa didn’t impress the X Factor producers on Sunday when she apparently turned up hungover from a big Saturday night.

The N-Dubz singer had been partying at the London club G.A.Y supporting the X factor contestants that left last week, Amelia Lily and James Michael, who were performing there.

She then showed up to rehearsals on Sunday wearing big shades to cover the bags under her eyes and dressed in a bathrobe. A source told The Sun:

She looked a wreck and spent most of the time just sitting behind the judging desk with her head slumped on it. Meanwhile, Kelly was winding her up by bouncing around the place looking a million dollars.

This also didn’t reflect well on Tulisa, since she was the first judge to lose one of her acts, Nu Vibe, to the public vote this week.

If you ask us, you couldn’t even tell she was hungover on Sunday’s show. We would love to look like that when we’re hanging! But maybe she should try and keep partying at the weekends to a minimum for now, especially when you have Simon Cowell on your back.