After all the drama of last week’s X Factor it’s no surprise the acts need to let off some steam, and which judge is always up for a night out? Tulisa of course.

Tulisa took her acts, girl band Rythmix and boy band The Risk, out to London’s Whisky Mist after Sunday’s elimination in a bid to help them let their hair down and celebrate the fact they are still in the competition.

No other judges were present at the club, even though Sophie Habibis and Marcus Collins, who are mentored by Gary and Kelly, were also there. Louis has in fact been accused by Gary of not spending enough time with his category of over 25s.

Gary said on Saturday:

I think I have seen him once at the house with the contestants. He is in Dublin all week. He doesn’t really care. Louis says his acts are focused.

So could Tulisa be becoming everyone’s favourite mentor? She certainly seems to be the one that can have the most fun.