It seems like the X Factor row between Kelly and Tulisa turned away more viewers than it attracted, as rival show Strictly Come Dancing got record ratings over the X Factor last weekend.

And according to The Sunday Mirror Simon Cowell has ordered Louis Walsh to drop one of the judges, giving him 48 hours to make a decision. A source close to Simon revealed

Simon will do anything to turn the show around, It’s no coincidence that as soon as the new team came in the viewers fell off. He thinks the only way to save he show is to get rid of some of the panel. Louis and Simon are best friends. Louis is his eyes and ears in the show, Simon’s man on the ground, so he is the best-placed person to decide who gets the chop.

Rumor is Tulisa will get the boot and be replaced by none other than ex-judge Cheryl Cole. How unpredictable.

Do you think this is just another shot to get better ratings? Or is the X Factor really in deep water?