What is it with these MC’s and their Twitter beef? It seems like we can’t go a week without something kicking off. This weeks tweef participants: Lady Leshurr and Rival.

It all started late Thursday afternoon when Leshurr accused Rival of spreading rumours about her, though what kind of rumours they were, we’re not entirely sure.

The feud escalated swiftly as Rival responded by stating that he would take it to the studio and let his track do the talking, which then lead Leshurr to say that she would have no problem going up against the MC at Lord Of The Mics to reveal what she knows about him.

But apparently Rival knows ‘stuff’ too. It appears that one of the things Leshurr wants to get off her chest is that she used to lend Rival money. But the east London rapper wasn’t having any of it and like all mature people do, he turned to name calling.

Whatever ‘stuff’ they were both referring to is pretty vague and, dare we say it, reminds us of being back in the school playground.

The two artists quickly deleted their tweets but the damage had already been done as hundreds of their fans had already witnessed their tweef. Boy Better Know rapper Jammer and pretty much everybody else were especially supportive of the Birmingham star.

The rappers never confirmed whether or not they would actually clash but if they do, we definelty want front row seats to see that!