Ashley (far right) leaves boy band The Risk

Just when we thought that things couldn’t get worse for the X Factor, a contestant decides to leave. It’s been reported that Ashley Baptiste has left the remaining boy band The Risk because he didn’t see a future for himself within the band. In a statement Ashley said

It’s been a really tough decision but I have decided to leave The Risk…I don’t believe my future lies in a boy band and it’s not fair on Charlie, Derry and Andy to remain in the band when I am not truly committed to it for the long term….I believe The Risk can win The X Factor and I’m backing them all the way. I count them as my friends so I know we’ll stay in touch.

With this The Risk and their mentor Tulisa Contostavlos made the decision to replace Ashley with former Nu Vibe’s front-man, Ashford Campbell, who jumped at the chance. Tulisa stated

I’m gutted to see Ashley go, we’ll all really miss him but we respect his choice and wish him all the best for the future…The Risk boys really wanted Ashford to replace Ashley and I think he’s got a great voice, he’s a fantastic fit and I totally support their decision.

Ashford Campbell (centre) pictured with Nu Vibe to replace Ashley in The Risk

This years X Factor is turning out to be one of the most drama filled, bitchiest series yet. When a show makes even the Sugababes look organised, that’s a signal that something is going wrong.

Would all of this band swapping, name changing, judge leaving, contestant sexing drama happen if Simon Cowell was still on the panel?

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