This year’s X Factor viewing figures are down 2 million compared to last year, and why is this? Because the contestants just don’t look or act like stars according to X Factor bosses. Rumour has it that the contestants were told if they want to be stars, they have to start acting like them!

Now there’s nothing worse than a diva who hasn’t even made it yet, but what do we think of these shabby X Factor outfits?

We are seriously worried about what’s living in Frankie’s birds nest, although he doesn’t seem too bothered. And can somebody for the love of God, get him a comb!

Ermmm we think all the stress is getting to Kitty, she seems a bit confused about the look she’s going for. Is it dominatrix chick or sleepover hottie? And it gets worse…

Oh my! That’s certainly not A-List behaviour!


In stark comparison to her usual attire, Misha B goes for a very casual and undercover look, well I guess you can’t play dress up every day.

What do you think, does the contestants embarrassing dress sense stop you from tuning in?