X Factor’s Derry Mensah has allegedly bedded former contestant Sami Brookes, who is not only in a relationship but also a lesbian.

How this happened Pappzd is unsure, but the 20-year-old former Burger King worker has apparently been wooed by Sami and her sexy talk.

Now we’re not saying that Sami isn’t good enough for Derry, but of all the girls in the house you go for the lesbian? Sami had apparently been putting pressure on Derry to jump into bed with her and even told the South London singer she fantasised about him!

A show source told The Sun,

Talk about odd couples. Even if Sami was straight we’d have never put them together. He was surprised as anyone. She kept saying he was hot and he eventually caved in and went for it — apparently not just the once either.

We don’t even want to imagine it. We think it’s best the X Factor hopefuls keep their sex stories to themselves from now on.