Apparently Misha B’s cute smile and humble attitude on stage is all a front as last night she was accused of being a backstage bully by X Factor judges Tulisa and Louis Walsh.

Both judges praised Misha’s Purple Rain performance, but Tulisa went on to say

…But I do have one negative this week. I think you are very competitive and I’ve seen a different side of you backstage and you don’t realise that you do it, but in some ways you being so feisty can come across as quite mean to certain contestants and I’ve been told by a few this week there’s been a few mean comments towards them. I’m not putting you down but take that feistiness and energy when you get on the stage and leave them all behind. Put aside the attitude.

Louis even admitted that one of his contestants have complained about being bullied by Misha, but refused to say which one.

Kelly Rowland quickly defended Misha saying

We leave things backstage, backstage, but you brought it on stage and you brought it clean and clear and on fire tonight. I am so very proud of you, continue to work hard and you’re supposed to be confident when you go on stage.

Speaking on the Xtra Factor Misha admitted “things get heated backstage[but] Tulisa hurt my feelings because there are two sides to every story”.

Some have accused Tulisa and Louis for being unprofessional and bullying Misha, whilst others think Misha’s backstage antics should be exposed. Although Misha may not be the most friendliest of people, this is a singing competition. Not a lets-all-be-friends-and -hold-hands-backstage competition.

Do you think Tulisa’s remarks will affect Misha’s chances of winning? Share your thoughts.