Alexandra Burke revealed to The Mirror that she was once a victim of domestic abuse, having been brutally beaten by an ex boyfriend when she was a teen.

The Broken Heels singer has been volunteering with a Comic Relief-funded domestic abuse charity in Uganda and for the first time spoke about how she suffered in silence and only found the strength to leave her ex after a year of abuse, when he raised his hand to hit her one last time.

It was horrendous. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. That’s the whole point of domestic violence, you don’t speak about what you’re going through – you don’t have the confidence to. I remember one day when he went to hit me one more time and I decided that was it. I was out of the door in my pyjamas and left, gone.

Burke’s traumatic experience encouraged her to volunteer abroad and help other women who have suffered at the hands of their partners. Speaking about domestic abuse in Uganda she said

 No-one at any time in their life, whatever age or country they’re from, should ever go through domestic violence… No man should put their hand on a woman or treat her like she’s a slave or a doormat, it’s not right. Why should women feel scared of men? That’s why I wanted to go on this trip and help as much as I can.

We’re glad Burke had the confidence to come out and share her story and hopefully other victims are encouraged to follow suit.