We didn’t see this one coming. Apparently Sugababe Amelle Berrabah is dating American heartthrob Bruno Mars.

The Daily Star have exclusively revealed that the unlikely pair have been seeing each other for a month and are completely loved up. Amelle has even been reported saying that Bruno is ‘the one’.

A close friend of the Sugababe said

She’s absolutely smitten with him and keeps saying he’s the one. It’s getting very serious very fast

She has been through a lot and Bruno is really making her feel special again. Who knows what will happen next? None of us would be surprised if they got engaged.

Amelle has not been the luckiest girl when it comes to men. In 2007 her then boyfriend Freddie Fuller was accused of attempting to rape her younger sister, but the charges were dropped and the Sugababe took him back. Yes, took him back!

To make matters worse, later that year year she suffered further ordeal when Freddie was attacked by a madman with a machete, leaving his arm and leg hanging off his body. Ex boyfriend stories probably don’t get crazier than that.

Despite Mr Mars’ brush with the law over cocaine possession last year, he seems like a decent enough guy and perhaps he could be the one to end the 27-year-old’s bad luck with the opposite sex.

So does this mean that Bruno would catch a grenade for Amelle? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist)

What do you guys think of this pairing?