Metropolitan Police have been called in to investigate a death threat that was sent to Queens Park Ranger’s footballer, Anton Ferdinand last week.

A threatening letter was delivered by hand to Ferdinand’s club on Friday and the content was said to be so graphic that the club bosses decided to not show it to the player. Worried police officers have urged Ferdinand to fit a panic alarm at his home, which some family members have already done.

So far there is no information regarding who sent the death threat but a Scotland Yard spokesman said:

I can confirm that officers are investigating an allegation of malicious communication.

The QPR defender is currently involved in a race row with Chelsea captain John Terry, after Terry allegedly called Ferdinand a ‘f***** black c***‘ two weeks ago. Ferdinand claims he didn’t hear the racist comment but was informed of it later. Terry denies the allegation and the case is currently being looked into by the Football Association, as well as the police.

Since the incident, Anton Ferdinand and his brother Rio have been publicly supporting anti-racism in football. Anton wore an anti racism T shirt last week and Rio wore an armband saying ‘United against Racism’ during a match on Wednesday.